The hermetic sealing system that allows the waterproofing of the through-wall openings in the concrete walls, created after the removal of the formwork system.

Say goodbye to post-sales claims

Effective, very fast and permanent sealing

The best solution on the market

All properties certified by international laboratories

Maintains unalterable its properties against aging.

Guarantees a watertight seal at up to 8 bar of pressure

Maximum resistance against other risk factors such as noise, fire or radon gas.

Patented system awarded for its contribution to innovation.

A fast and efficient process

Saves time with a fast sealing process of up to 420 holes per hour

#1 Insert RiveStop into the riveting machine.

#2 Insert in the hole to be sealed

#3 Rivet until the rivet shank is cut

IMPORTANT It does not require specially trained or qualified operators.

"Product description and features

With the help of a conventional riveting machine, RiveStop expands inside the through-hole by approximately 50% of its original size and diameter, exerting constant force against the walls of the hole, constantly adapting to its shape over time and sealing it completely.

It remains mechanically expanded permanently to seal the hole, and its materials adapt to the behavior of the concrete over time. It adapts to the diameter of the hole and seals it hermetically in a matter of seconds, and in a clean and simple way. The mechanical system of the part is activated by the controlled and uniform pressure applied by the riveting machine.

Once the dowel is broken, RiveStop is installed. There is no margin for human error.

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