Patented, removable and reusable wall bushing for concrete forms

The right tool

Special design for clean and safe extraction

Rapid extraction.
200 RivePipes are extracted in one hour.

Guarantees a clean hole without leaving plastic in the holes.

Environmentally friendly because it is reusable and recyclable.

Easy extraction. Does not require qualified personnel.

A fast and efficient process

#1 Insert RivePipe for rebar protection

#2 Pour concrete into the formwork and allow to set

#3 Pull out the RivePipe from both sides of the wall

#4 Throw the two parts of RivePipe into the bucket for later reuse

IMPORTANT It does not require specially trained or qualified operators.

Description of the product and its characteristics

RivePipe is an innovative patented product that replaces the classic PVC pipe that is lost inside the concrete wall. It is a reusable solution that leaves a clean gap in the concrete, without lost plastics, for subsequent sealing.

By removing the RivePipe, the potential risks that can be caused by leaks between the joint of a conventional PVC pipe and the concrete are eliminated.

The result is a clean, plastic-free, uniform and smooth gap in the wall.

Supported by various companies in the construction industry