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"The ultimate waterproofing solution"

RiveStop, an innovative system providing:

100% waterproofing

a liquid-tight seal

savings of more than 90% in labour costs

RiveStop is a patented elastic rivet with a mechanical system specially designed to hermetically SEAL and WATERPROOF the tie holes left in concrete walls on removal of the formwork system: form ties, tie hole spacer tubes for protecting tie bars or Dywidag rods, whether round or cone-shaped.

“RiveStop”: the best option for sealing and waterproofing formwork tie holes in concrete walls

90% savings in labour costs: the estimated performance of concrete tie hole installation with Rivestop is 1,200 tie holes in 3 hours by a single worker.


How does it work? A fast, simple, permanent and ECONOMIC solution

With the help of a conventional riveter, RiveStop expands inside the tie hole by approximately 50% of its original size and diameter, constantly pressing against the walls of the space, adapting to its shape over time and completely sealing the tie hole.

The mechanical expansion of the RiveStop keeps it in place, permanently sealing the tie hole, and its materials adapt to behaviour of the concrete over time.

RiveStop adapts to the diameter of the tie hole and hermetically seals it in only seconds, clean and simply.

The mechanical system of the piece is activated by the controlled, uniform pressure applied by the riveter.

When the mandrel breaks off, the RiveStop is installed. There is no margin for human error.


 What are the advantages of RIVESTOP for your project?

  • RELIABILITY – 5-BAR resistance to water pressure – Quality certificates –    READ MORE 
  • LABOUR SAVINGS – the estimated performance per concrete tie hole with RiveStop is 5-9 seconds, some 1,200 tie holes in 3 hours by a single worker –   READ MORE

How to select the RIVESTOP best suited to your project? READ MORE

The product must be stored in its original packaging (hermetically sealed buckets), unopened, until the moment of its use. No specially trained or qualified workers are required.


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