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"The ultimate waterproofing solution"

RivePipe is made up of two detachable pieces joined together to form the wall thickness

One part is MALE, and the other FEMALE; the maximum thickness of the wall from which the RivePipe can be completely extracted is 40 cm, and the minimum 10 cm.

The basic parts of the RIVEPIPE are a male part of 10 cm and a female part of 20 cm. The two parts are used to make different combinations for creating different wall thicknesses.

For wall thicknesses of more than 40 cm, we will therefore join 2 MALES to a standard/conventional plastic tube to act as an EXTENSION, which is already available on the market:


We can supply the tube already made up (not recommended for transport reasons). Either that, or we can supply the MALES by themselves so that they can be connected to the extension part on-site or in the warehouse.jacob co fake watches

The extension tube can be cut in-situ and attached on either side to the males, joining and fitting the materials together to form the whole tube:replica watches usa

In this case, the RIVEPIPE MALES are extracted from both sides of the wall, while the piece of extension tube will be left inside the concrete wall.

This solution is also perfect for waterproofing, since it eliminates the risk of water leaks (given that extraction of the male part has a depth of more than 10 cm on both sides of the wall).

The RIVEPIPE has very high resistance to compression, from both sides, from left to right and from top to bottom (longitudinal and transversal).rolex replica kaufen

Once the formwork has been completed, any worker can extract the RIVEPIPE from the wall using the RIVEOUT extractor. There is no need for special training or qualified workers.


RIVEPIPE fulfils the 3R’s of sustainability:

The RivePipe extractor: fast and easy to use

RiveOut is the extractor specially designed to effortlessly, fast and easily extract the RivePipe from the concrete, with no damage to the wall.

It can be easily, effectively and quickly extracted (in approximately 5 seconds), causing no damage to the wall.

Once extracted, the RivePipe is ready to be used again; the result is a clean, smooth and empty tie hole in the wall. All of the tie holes in the wall are therefore homogenous.

The estimated extraction capacity of the RIVEPIPE is 1,000 pipes in a maximum of 3 hours by a single worker. The space can also be sealed at the same time with RiveStop.   

How does RiveOut work?

This operation takes only a very few seconds, meaning enormous savings of time in the extraction process.

With this rapid extraction system, the formwork tie hole is left completely clean and undamaged.

After extraction, RIVEPIPE leaves a “cone-shaped” hole in the wall and a tie hole of 29 mm in inner diameter on both sides of the wall.

The space is now ready for liquid-tight sealing with RIVESTOP, while the extracted tube is ready for its next use.

The RIVEOUT extractor can only be used with RIVEPIPE, and vice versa.

RiveOut is only purchased once and can be used for all of your future projects with Rivepipe.

It is very easy to use; it is simply inserted into the RivePipe formwork tube, turned clockwise and pulled straight out after engaging the counterweight.

Extraction is always carried out on both sides of the wall. The process will never damage the wall.

The piece is then removed from the wall and expelled from the tool. Both processes are done by pulling the extractor straight out and engaging the counterweight.

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