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About Us



Cauchos y Derivados JABE SL www.jabe.es, has been working for more than 25 years with technically advanced high-performance products for demanding clients at international level.

Since the 90s

We have always collaborated in the development of innovative products and customised pieces for our clients, becoming involved in the entire creation, engineering and manufacturing process, including the finish and final product. We use materials provided by trusted local suppliers, all controlled by a demanding quality management system.

Worthy of mention among many others are our brake discs and shoes, Silentblocs and special pieces for the elevation and wind energy sectors. Technically advanced high-performance pieces made to exceptionally high standards in terms of safety.

For more than 12 years

JABE designs its own products for the construction and formwork market MADE IN SPAIN.



We are currently expanding strongly and looking for international partnerships which enable us to distribute our products worldwide.

JABE advocates a sustainable circular economy, with products which meet the 3R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse and recycle.






To work with our clients and help them to make the best decisions

To manufacture technologically advanced high-performance products for demanding clients

To create innovative products for the world market which provide solutions for real problems

To stand out for innovation, high technology and quality in the elevation, wind energy and construction industries, among many others.


To offer high quality products applying management systems

To offer a high quality, collaborative service, with an obvious client orientation

To open new international markets, and to adapt our products to the needs of these new clients.


Our philosophy, as a small company which started out as a family business, is to maintain the very high standards of quality of a large company or multinational based on excellence, combined with the flexibility of service and the advantages offered by a small company.

A professional team deeply involved in each stage of the sales, quotes, design, manufacture, finish and shipment process. Contributing confidence, discipline, a proactive approach, and based on a service of very high quality.




We have a professional team exclusively dedicated to satisfying our clients’ needs, as well as to providing a quality service.

In the Technical and Engineering Department we develop new products or applications with a view to providing added value and to satisfying our clients’ needs, as well as to providing a quality service.

The Quality Department guarantees that our high standards of exigency and business excellence are maintained.

In the Commercial and Marketing Department, we coordinate all orders and answer all requests in less than 24 hours. We also solve any technical questions or doubts in coordination with our Engineering Department.

We also provide training for our commercial teams, and for Site Managers, the Technical Department, engineers or installation engineers. And any after-sales service, such as aspects related to Communications and the necessary documentation.

In the Logistics Department we offer the best transport and packaging solutions, at the best possible price, and we rapidly coordinate all shipments to any part of the world.

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